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Japanese Experience Tour – Discover Japan

Blessed with stunning landscapes and amazing cityscapes, Japan is a proud and fascinating fusion of the ancient and the ultra-modern, where traditions and craftsmanship are juxtaposed with cutting edge modern technology .

With ‘Love Japan’, we have carefully selected destinations that will enable you to explore every aspect of this fascinating country as well as experiencing some stunning vistas.

Tour Guide and Our Philosophy

Our highly trained tour guide will be on hand to facilitate every aspect of the tour and provide helpful and insightful knowledge whenever you need it.

Whilst this is a guided tour, we have built time into our schedule to enable you to explore alone.
At ‘Love Japan’, we believe a balance between self-discovery and being accompanied by an informed guide provides for an enriching experience. At ‘Love Japan’, we want you to discover the smells; the sounds; the tastes, and the kaleidoscopic diversity of the ‘real’ Japan.

Japanese Experience – Tour Highlights

Japan Tours destination Tokyo

Tokyo Adventure
To stay at Capsule Hotel ( All types charge included)
Karaoke ( Karaoke price is not include) is optional ( we will divide the charge between all who attend).
We can sing any song in a private room.
Hot-spring(Onsen) is included.

KANAZAWA Tour of Japan

Kanazawa Adventure
We will make Japanese Traditional cake which is included
Very beautiful, but we can enjoy it.

Japan trp to Hiroshima tourism Japan

Hiroshima Adventure
We will be making the Okonomi-yaki (this is delicious Local Pan-cake) at Lunch
This is optional

Kyoto Five storie shrine , Japan tour destination

Kyoto Adventure
We will visit Japanese-sake brewery ( Sakagura) is included.
We can drink Fresh Sake.
We will eat Yudo-fu ( Monk foods at Lunch) is optional
We will sit down on Tatami-mats and eat Tofu (vegetarian foods)